Each of our restaurants is a unique dining experience. Please choose the place that most appeals to you or the recipient of your gift. Our gift cards are non-transferable.

Stack of arancini balls presented in a clean white bowl, on a wooden table, with a very narrow depth of field on the grated cheese and green leaf garnishing on top.

Corso 32

An Intimate Italian Restaurant

Corso32 is not open. Corso32 gift cards can be redeemed at Bar Bricco. They cannot be redeemed at Uccellino.

A cocktail on bar at Bar Bricco with breadsticks, olives, and spuntini neatly arranged, but blurred out in the background.

Bar Bricco

A Lively Wine & Spuntini Bar

Bricco is named for the slope upon which grapevines are grown. We serve a constantly evolving selection of Italian wines and spirits as well as beer and cocktails. We offer a generous selection of crostini, salad, and pasta dishes as well as cured meats and cheese.

A glass of wine and bowl of pasta neatly arranged in front of a diner sitting at a table in Uccellino.


A Modern Trattoria

Uccellino is a casual Italian restaurant. We serve seasonally inflected dishes, including an eclectic number of antipasti to start your meal, handmade pastas, meats, and desserts. Our bar is extensive, though focussed upon Italian wine and spirits. Larger than Corso32, Uccellino is able to accommodate bigger groups.